Dividend Reinvestment Program Calculator (DRIP)

Dividend investing is a methodical approach to building wealth and can be a strong foundation for your investment plan. This approach to creating wealth starts with you selecting a solid company or mutual fund that has a history of paying dividends and you reinvesting those dividends when the dividends are paid to you. Dividend reinvesting can often create returns well in excess of the types of returns offered by traditional savings accounts, or other investment vehicles. Please use this calculator for education purposes only, and always seek advice from a licensed investment advisor.
    We are not a licensed advisor
and make no representations as to the accuracy or availability of this calculator. None of the information presented here should be considered as advice.

This calculator shows the impact of stock dividend reinvestment, sometimes known as a DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Program) investment. You can make the account taxable or non-taxable. If you select Yes for Taxable and enter a tax rate, the calculator reduces the dividends earned that year by the tax rate. This calculator also allows you to make some guesses about the growth of your investment, and shows the effect of a rising dividend.
Initial investment account value $
Expected Annual % increase of investment (or stock price) via appreciation: %
# of years to invest:
Current (or expected) Dividend %: %
Any additional contribution per year by you?:
If Yes: Tax Rate %

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